Location Namibia Project

The Location Namibia Project was initiated by Pilots Paradise and aims to promote
Namibia worldwide as a film location. The project is divided into two parts:
Firstly, the creation of a brochure and location website with information and photos on
Namibia as a film location Film-Location-Namibia including the exhibition at a
specialised location fair in the US, combined with the production of a location video.
Secondly, the active integration of small and medium enterprises into foreign film productions.
The Location Namibia Project will support the Namibian film industry, will create job- and
training opportunities within the industry and will help provide the necessary infrastructure
to facilitate bigger film projects. Partners for this ambitionous goal are Pilots Paradise, Namibia
Film Commission, German Development Services (DED) and private partners from the industry.
Watch our latest addition to the project on youtube Modelshoot Namibia

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