From the conception to the ready product, Pilots Paradise produces videos for any kind of touristic activities, project documentations for NGOs or other aid organisations as well as for embassies or companies requiring a portrait of their activities.

These productions don't take place only in Namibia but in other countries of the region as well.

We are equipped with professional equipment in DV CAM and HDV format for the corporate market. The Sony DSR 570 can also be used for broadcast productions.

Camera Equipment:

1st camera: Sony DSR 570 with Miller tripod, Vision 3 fluid head
2nd camera: Sony HDV V1E with wide angle lens

ABC Crane Speedy 6
  • LCD monitor
  • JVC monitor / hi resolution
  • extra microphones for all cameras
  • Kobolt camera head-light with external battery
  • Ianero light-set, 3 x 300 or 3 x 800 watts on stands
  • Steady Cam
  • ABC Crane Speedy 6

  • Postproduction:

  • Casablanca II KRON non linear DV editing system with an integrated DVD writer,
  • DATA Video writer to immediately burn your CD / DVD Master,
  • in house translation and narrating in English, German, French and Italian.

  • If required, we rent out equipment.

    sunset at Lake Malawi
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