If it is the search for the right location or the general research up front, if it is the obtaining of film- and other permits or the drawing up of a tour plan - we offer the full service already before production.

Magirus Moreover, we can provide our own backup - service during production. For the transport you can choose between a Toyota Land Cruiser (big foot) with roof tent, safari equipment and water tank or a Mitsubishi Pajero, also with roof tent and safari equipment. Both vehicles are 4 x 4 and in excellent condition.

It has become more and more popular to use our well equipped Magirus Deutz as a base camp for productions. The camp next to the production site saves long drives to the hotel, enables you to produce deep in the bush or in the desert and creates a very special working atmosphere;

... and it offers a further unique option: a microlight plane at the site, that can be used for aerial shots and will be taken along in a trailer.

unloading the wing The Magirus contains a fully equipped outside kitchen, tents, isolated mattresses and sleeping bags for up to 12 people.

It is further equipped with a refrigerator, solar panels, 220 V generator and a 540 litre water tank.

The spacious interior of the vehicle provides a lot of room for equipment and is the ideal place to look through shots or prepare cameras.

The truck has a range of 1.600 km and is equipped with GPS and radio.

under the sunroof With this equipment you can stay off the beaten track for some days even with big groups.

If aerial shots are needed for the production, the truck's trailer comes into the picture. With this trailer we do not only carry a whole workshop, but also a microlight plane of the French make "Air Creation". The plane is specially equipped with camera mounts for aerial shots.

The microlight at the spot offers a variation of possibilities: firstly, you are more flexible concerning the weather and can take advantage of optimal conditions for the shots or repeat if better conditions show up.

unloading the Microlight Secondly, with a minimum speed of 60 km/h and a reduced level of noise for the engine, the microlight is the ideal plane for filming or the tracking of animals. It can be flown at low level and is extremely manoeuvrable. Nevertheless it is a very stable and safe plane regarding a low point of gravity and is equipped with a safety parachute.

Thirdly, different camera mounts on the microlight make interesting aerial shots possible without showing any parts of the plane.

Microlight at camp The microlight can carry 2 people plus fuel plus 50 kg. With an average speed of 100 km/h it allows distance flights and has a range of about 350 km under neutral conditions. More about this under the category "Aerial - Service".

The Microlight cannot only be used for aerial shots - is also helpful as a tool. If it is the search for objects on the ground, the overview over a certain region or the tracking and finding of animals - there is no limit to your fantasy.

Not to forget that the use of the microlight is an inexpensive alternative to a helicopter.

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